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Erin Stalcup Portraits

Erin Stalcup and I have been friends since 2000. We met in a study abroad program in Ireland. This was a pivotal time in our lives, I was shooting photos all over Ireland and had made the decision that I wanted to become a professional photographer. Erin was reading James Joyce and W.B. Yeats and falling in love more in love with writing. Flash forward 15 years, Erin is a published writer and so graciously asked if I would shoot her author portrait for new book “And Yet it Moves” coming out in the Fall of 2016.

She and I both came to the shoot with some examples of ideas we thought would work and then we headed out on foot to roam the streets and neighborhoods in downtown Flagstaff. We had a blast and got lot of great photos that show Erin’s amazing beauty and style as well as her personality and the gifts she possesses as a writer. I am so grateful to such a brilliant and talented friend for all these years. She inspires me and I hope these photos add that extra inspiration to readers to buy her books.


19_Erin Stalcup 2

02_Erin Stalcup 2

24_Erin Stalcup 2

30_Erin Stalcup 2

58_Erin Stalcup 2


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Flagstaff Senior Portraits – Delaney

Delaney was our first Senior Portrait shoot for the Class of 2016. This shoot was especially special to us because Delaney is our 3-year-old son Otto favorite babysitter. We had been talking to Delaney for a few weeks about what she envisioned. She is a fun-loving, beautiful young lady inside and out and we knew we wanted to capture that in her photos. Delaney is a Flagstaff native and loves her hometown. So we decided to head out 180 with the goal of getting up to Snow Bowl before it rained or the sun set.

We almost had to reschedule the shoot due to an afternoon monsoon storm but I hoped that the weather would provide us with amazing light and nature came through for us. Delaney brought her mom and sister along for moral support. They were amazing and we couldn’t have gotten the great shoots that we did without them. Our first stop was in a field of wild flowers across from the Cheshire neighborhood. From the first photo that we got we could tell this was going to be a great shoot.

Delaney was a really natural in front of the camera. We just had fun and got some great photos. We then headed up the mountain chasing the sun as it was setting all the way to a wonderful meadow, stopping all along the way to shoot in the beautiful aspen groves. The sunset was one of the most brilliant ones that I have seen and we took full advantage. By the end of the 2-hour shoot we had a strong variety of photos that really captured Delaney’s beauty and style. I hope these photos will always remind Delaney of this time in her life and how very special it is.

Delaney Cook 002

Delaney Cook 011

Delaney Cook 013

Delaney Cook 037

Delaney Cook 012

Delaney Cook 049

Delaney Cook 047

Delaney Cook 051


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